Course Content

We will teach you everything you need to know about the four Inventory stages, ie Inventory Report, Check In Report, Interim Report and Check Out Report. We will also provide you with four real-life reports which we have compiled for our own customers.

We will provide detailed advice on marketing explaining how to present your business in a totally different way to other Inventory providers in your area. How to approach Letting Agents including what to say, what not to say and how to compete on service in such a way that you will become the preferred Inventory supplier. We include actual promotional and marketing material that we have used very successfully over the last 11 years with our own Inventory business – We provide advice on presentation, pricing of services, website content, including things that you should never have on your website, together with ready written leaflets, template letters and the wording of letters and promotions that both ourselves and previous delegates have used very successfully.

Here is a breakdown of the course content:

Day One – Saturday
Start: 9.00am – Finish: Approx 4.30pm

The Marketplace
Fully Detailed Step By Step 20 Point Business Plan
How to create a Business Profile
Low Cost Inventory Clerk Insurance Cover
IT & Computer Helplines

Your Skills
The Competition
Have You Got The Right Business Name?
Business Presentation
Cloud Numbers
FREE Written Content For Your Website

Inventory Report

What Is An Inventory Report
Inventory Report Compilation
Inventory Report Specifics
Legal Requirements
Gas Regulations
Electricity Regulations
Smoke Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Soft Furnishings
Fire Labels
Duty Of Care
How To Take Meter Readings
Meter Serial Numbers
Inventory Report Layout
Legal Disclaimer
Notes For Tenants
Key List
Inventory Report Sample From Real Property

Day Two – Sunday
Start: 9.00am – Finish: Approx 3.30pm

Check-In Report

Check-In Report Layout & Content
Meter Readings
Legal Disclaimer
Check-In Report Sample From Real Property

Interim Report

Interim Report Layout & Content
Interim Report Sample From Real Property

Check-Out Report

Check-Out Report
Check-Out With Tenant Present
Points To Note At Check-Out
Necessary Photographic Evidence
Legal Disclaimer
Addendum Sheets And When To Use Them
Fair Wear And Tear
Fair Wear And Tear And Damage Liabilities
Points To Note At Check-Out
Check-Out Report Contents
Meter Readings
Key List And Handover
Summary And Overview
Forwarding Address
Tenancy Details
Check-Out Report Sample From Real Property


How To Build Your Customer Base
Potential Customers
How To Develop A Database/Mailing List
The Information You Need
How To Approach Agents
What To Say When You Telephone Agents
Mailing Contact Lists
Direct Mail
Your Price List
Promotional Prices
Tailored Price Lists
Sample Letter To Send With Price List
Internet Marketing


Report Production Options
Transcription Outsourcing
Alternatives To Outsourcing
Voice Recognition Software
Apps/Software Options
Invoicing & Getting Paid
Invoice Design
Sample Invoice Layout & Content
How To Chase Outstanding Money
Tax & National Insurance
Advice On Company Cars
Advice On Car Finance Options

Our Inventory Clerk Business Course package includes our 168 A4 page Inventory Business Training Manual ‘How To Start And Run Your Own Inventory Business’, our FREE CD-Rom containing templates for all the Inventory Reports and Documents you will need together with unlimited FREE back-up, support and mentoring via our B.T. Standard Rate Telephone Helpline and email.

Please remember that we also run our own highly successful Inventory business and have done since 2005. Some other companies only provide training courses and do not run Inventory businesses. Take a look at our Company website:

If you have any questions about our course or about starting your own Inventory business, then please contact Stephen or Janette:
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