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inventory business courseWhy Not Check Out The Inventory Clerk Marketplace In Your Own Local Area?

Perhaps you are thinking that an Inventory Clerk Business sounds interesting but you want to know if it really does work and more importantly could an Inventory Clerk Business actually provide a good income for you personally?

The demand for independent Inventory Clerk services is huge, however don’t take our word for it! – before you decide if this opportunity is right for you, why not check out your own local marketplace first?


How Can I Do That?

 Its very simple, go to the UK’s largest property website:

Here is what to do. Once the website opens up click on ‘Find Agents’ which you will see at the top of the webpage. Next, where it says ‘Find Agent In’ enter the town or city where you live. Then where is says ‘Search Radius’ click on the little blue arrow just to the right. This will open a drop down list of distances from the town or city that you have already entered. A good search radius to start with is 20 miles. You can however enter a lower or greater radius if you wish. Let’s say you click on 20 miles. The drop down box will close and the search radius you have selected will be highlighted in blue. Next, skip the box where it says ‘Agent Name’ and go straight to the bit below where it says ‘Agent Type’ and click on the little circle next to ‘Lettings’ – (the circle should now have a small green dot in it). IMPORTANT – You must click on the little circle next to ‘Lettings’ and NOT the little circle next to ‘Sales and Lettings’. OK, you are nearly there. Now click the blue ‘Start search’ box.

A new web page will now open up showing your search results. This will list the total number of Letting Agents within your chosen search radius distance.

You may well be very surprised at just how many Letting Agents there actually are located in your surrounding area and perhaps you can start to appreciate just how big the marketplace for Inventory services really is.

Examples Of Numbers Of Letting Agents Within 20 Miles Of The Following Places:

Manchester 844 Chelmsford 1000+
Birmingham 602 Southampton 432
London 1000+ Portsmouth 312
Edinburgh 85 Brighton 296
Glasgow 259 Eastbourne 217
Doncaster 377 Dover 117
Leeds 627 Ipswich 190
Hartlepool 265 Colchester 271
Coventry 529 Swindon 315
Blackburn 589 Warwick 431
Warrington 923 Cambridge 196
Blackpool 221 Oxford 433
York 260 Luton 1000+
Milton Keynes 538 Sheffield 418
Liverpool 644 Newcastle 205
Reading 657 Hull 75
Newbury 276 Cheltenham 189
Maidstone 699 Wolverhampton 416
Ashford –Kent 256 Leicester 459
Plymouth 73 Lancaster 131
Exeter 107 Cardiff 268
Norwich 134 Bradford 608
Peterborough 181 Nottingham 473
Basildon 1000+ Slough 1000+
Dagenham 1000+ Canterbury 221

You can see from the example figures above and also if you have a look on that without doubt there are literally tens of thousands of Letting Agents throughout the UK.

Remember you only need five or six customers and you could potentially be making over £1,000 some weeks!


Please remember that we also run our own highly successful Inventory business and have done since 2005. Some other companies only provide training courses and do not run Inventory businesses.

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