Industry Regulation, Accreditation & Trade Bodies

inventory business training courseThere is currently no specific Government licensing, recognised accreditation and no recognised regulatory trade body that you need to have authorisation from, or membership of, in order to own or run an Inventory business. There are no formal Government recognised examinations or qualifications required to become an Inventory Clerk.

What this means is that almost anyone can start and run an Inventory Clerk business. While you have been looking into the Inventory Clerk business you may well have come across various ‘trade’ organisations. Do not be fooled into thinking that these are some sort of official Government appointed and recognised body because we can assure you that they are not.

inventory business training courseThese ‘trade’ organisations are usually set up by  people in the industry to generate income. Some of them will encourage you to sign up for their own in-house examinations for which there is usually a fee involved. Once you have ‘passed’ the examination you will then be charged another fee to become a member of their organisation. These membership fees are usually payable annually.

The reality is, in our experience, that membership of such ‘trade organisations’ is not only expensive, but completely unnecessary. You may be interested to know that in over 11 years that we have been running First Inventory, we have only ever been asked once by a Letting Agent if we were a member of a ‘trade body’. When we explained we were not a member, the Letting Agent was not bothered in the slightest, booked us for an Inventory and quickly became and remains one of our best customers.


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