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How We Can Help You…

inventory business training courseWe have produced what we believe to be a quite exceptional, highly professional and totally unique Inventory Clerk Business Training Course for anyone interested in starting from scratch and successfully running their own Inventory Clerk Business.

Remember we started our Inventory Clerk Business with no previous experience of the industry and have been highly successful. Our course is based on our actual daily experience of running our own Inventory business. Unlike some Inventory Clerk training courses doing the rounds, ours is not simply a bodged printed handbook hastily put together by some writer who has little or perhaps no experience of Inventory work let alone of running their own small business.

Our Inventory Clerk Business Training Course is exactly  what it says it is. We will not only teach you how to carry out Inventory work including all the four stages, ie Inventory Report, Check-In Report, Interim Report and Check-Out Report, but we will also show you how to set up, start and successfully run your own business including the necessary day to day legal and financial details you need to know about.

What Our Inventory Clerk Business Training Course Will Show And Teach You…

  • How to start your own Inventory Clerk Business from scratch without any previous experience.inventory business training course
  • How to choose and register the name of your business.
  • Business presentation – how to project a professional identity to potential customers.
  • How to build a completely FREE database of potential customers.
  • How to save a fortune on your business stationery!
  • Why NOT to spend any money advertising in newspapers, magazines or on the internet.
  • How to promote and market your Inventory Clerk Business.
  • How to draw up a price list that will work in your local area.
  • Why not to use an answer phone and how to get around this.
  • How to give the impression of a larger and more established business.
  • How to approach Letting Agents – The wrong approach and the right approach.
  • Essential business equipment and resources.
  • How to undertake and compile an Inventory Report, Check-In Report, Interim Report and Check-Out Report including advice on production methods and options plus the presentation.
  • How to keep your customers happy with your service.
  • The kind of properties that will make you the most money – This may surprise you!
  • How to reduce the risk of bad debts by centralising your invoicing.
  • How not to get caught out by ridiculous Terms of Business Contracts often used by many of the larger Letting Agents.
  • Our totally unique Inventory Clerk Business Training Course could soon put you firmly on the road to success…

Your Choice…

Yes, there are a number of Inventory Clerk Training Courses to choose from. However, to our knowledge there are none that will explain in the detail that our Inventory Clerk Training Course does, how to start from scratch, set up and establish your own Inventory Clerk Business with the success we have achieved.

Our Inventory Clerk Training Course…

inventory business training courseOur Training Course is ideal for people who would like to run their own Inventory Clerk Business but until now have lacked the relevant experience and business know-how. It is never easy getting a new business trading successfully but by following the procedures in our course you can stack the odds heavily in your favour.

If you feel you would like some help and guidance and that you could benefit from some assistance from an ordinary couple who have been highly successful with their own Inventory Business, then our course is for you. Remember we will show you exactly what we have done and how you can copy our proven business template to do the same with your own Inventory Clerk Business.

We believe our Inventory Clerk Training Course represents the best value for money Inventory Business  Course currently available anywhere in the UK.

The course is a full business training program that will provide you with an unparalleled level of expertise and resources combined with highly detailed training materials. These ingredients add up to a genuinely unique Inventory Business Training Course that will provide you with the inside knowledge and the confidence required to set up, start and run your own successful Inventory Business.

Your Decision…

inventory business training courseWe believe that we have presented this opportunity in a fair and realistic way without the waffle and hype that many of today’s so-called business opportunities usually do. There are a number of companies charging people thousands of pounds for Inventory Clerk Training Courses. We have seen Inventory Business Franchises advertised for between £10,000 and £25,000! Also you may well come across some cut price Inventory Training Courses that are so basic in their content that you will not gain the skills necessary to run a successful business.

Remember our course includes our highly detailed 168 A4 page training package plus a FREE CD-Rom containing templates for all the Inventory Reports and Documents you will need to run your business successfully. You will also receive FREE access to our B.T. Standard Rate Telephone Helpline for all the business advice, back up, support and mentoring you need!

Use this proven business template for your route to success…

Please remember that we also run our own highly successful Inventory business and have done since 2005. Some other companies only provide training courses and do not run Inventory businesses.

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If you have any questions about our course or about starting your own Inventory business, then please contact Stephen or Janette:

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