Our Inventory Business

How We Started Our Business…

inventory business training courseMy involvement started back in 2005. I had been running a print management business which had lost a big contract and become unprofitable. I was forced to look for a new source of income. Recently married and with the usual family commitments, I was interested to hear from a friend who had been working for a company in London. He was now going it alone and running his own successful Inventory Clerk Business. The more he explained about the service he was providing, the more interested I became. It clearly was a simple little business but what was obvious above all else was the massive demand there is for the service that this business provides.

After a brief introduction to Inventory Clerk work by attending a very basic Inventory Training Course, I found myself running a small home based Inventory Clerk Business. Shortly after I got going, my wife was made redundant from her job as a bookshop manager, so she joined me full time. We had nothing to lose so we just went for it. My experience in the printing industry had taught me that a professional presentation goes a long way so we decided to give our business the edge over the competition.

Business Presentation…

inventory business training courseHow you look counts, as first impressions are very important. This is because people will form an instant opinion based on what they see. As everyone knows, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. To be successful it is absolutely crucial for a business to make the right impression to its customers.

We have given our Inventory Clerk Business a highly professional image with bespoke design both online and with printed hard copy marketing literature. This has given our company the edge over established local Inventory Clerk Businesses for the simple reason that ours was streets ahead in its presentation. We do not look like a simple husband and wife business. In fact, one Letting Agent asked whether our Inventory business was a Franchise because they thought everything was presented so well. Our Inventory Clerk Business looked both professional and established before we even had our first customer!

Business Success…

Inventory Clerk Training Manual 1To get things going we started a simple low cost marketing campaign. This worked well and we soon became firmly established with a number of Letting Agents who liked and appreciated our highly professional service. Many commented on our presentation and the excellent Inventory Reports we provided for them and their clients. We later found out that some had even mistakenly thought that our Inventory business was part of a chain or was a much larger company than we really were, simply because of the professional presentation.

Within six months of starting from scratch we had our first week when we made in excess of £1,000 and we now regularly have weeks like that with our best week so far being in £1,877!

What Next?

inventory business training courseGradually as some of our friends and relatives got to know about the success of our business, we were asked if we could recommend any Inventory Clerk training courses for people who are interested in running their own Inventory Clerk Business. The problem was that although my wife and I had attended Inventory training courses, all we had learnt was a basic introduction to Inventory work – NOT, HOW TO START AND RUN AN INVENTORY CLERK BUSINESS SUCCESSFULLY!

It is all very well having a basic understanding of Inventory work, but if you do an Inventory training course and then afterwards find out that you can not get any Letting Agents or Landlords to use your service then you are going to fail miserably!


Please remember that we also run our own highly successful Inventory business and have done since 2005. Some other companies only provide training courses and do not run Inventory businesses.

Take a look at our Company website: www.firstinventory.co.uk

If you have any questions about our course or about starting your own Inventory business, then please contact Stephen or Janette:

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