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inventory business training courseFor many people, one of the major attractions of running your own Inventory Clerk business is the level of income you can achieve without being dependent on a job in someone else’s business or other organisation.

The amount of money that you can make from your own Inventory Clerk business will depend upon three main factors:

          (1) Whether you work full or part time.
          (2) The number of bookings you complete.
          (3) Whether you expand your business by taking on staff.

It must be appreciated that when you are running your own Inventory Clerk business your annual income will be based upon the cumulative total of all the different types of Inventory Reports which you prepare throughout the year.

Having said this, a realistic income for an Inventory Clerk varies between approximately £12,000 to £60,000 per annum, depending whether you are working full or part time. If you decide to expand your business by taking on staff then you could make considerably more.

A husband and wife couple from the West Midlands who were trained by ourselves back in 2009, and who had no previous experience of Inventory work, are now generating a joint income of £75,000 per annum.

A lady from Wallingford near Oxford who attended our course in 2013, with no previous experience, is now generating a total fee income of over £83,000 a year and running her entire business with just a laptop and a mobile phone. She has even made over £2,000 in just one week although that did involve working very long hours.

A man from Birmingham made over £600.00 in his second week of trading and in January 2017 he made £7,000 in one month.

A lady from Staffordshire who came on our course, again without previous experience, is making £3,500 a month and is expanding her business with the help of some part time staff.

inventory business training courseOur Inventory Clerk Business Training Course will show and teach you how to maximise your income as an Inventory Clerk either by yourself, as a husband and wife team or with a friend or business partner. Remember also that you can expand your business and increase your income if you decide to take on staff.

When you first start in business as an Inventory Clerk, what will ultimately determine your income though is how many bookings you are prepared to do each day. Remember once you are established, your work will be made up of the four stages of the inventory process which we have already explained.

On a very busy week it is possible to do in excess of 20 bookings. Although prices do vary in different parts of the country, our average booking fee is £87.00 + VAT. On a really busy day we do up to six bookings made up of the various inventory stages.

The prices you can charge for the various types of Inventory Reports are based on the number of rooms a property has and also whether the property is let furnished or unfurnished. By far the most common type of rental properties are one and two bedroom flats and houses. You will see from this that even working as an Inventory Clerk part-time, perhaps doing six to eight bookings a week, you could still make a good level of income. Once your Inventory Business is underway, you should have no difficulty maintaining a level of bookings that you are happy with.

Now you may be wondering just how many customers an Inventory Clerk needs to keep a full diary and maintain a good income? With many Letting Agents having several hundred properties under management, it is perfectly realistic for an Inventory Clerk to achieve the level of income we have mentioned from as few as five or six customers. We are currently able to maintain a full diary taking bookings mainly from just five Letting Agents.


What Makes An Inventory Clerk Business So Profitable?

inventory business training courseThe most important thing to remember about running your own Inventory Clerk Business is that it is completely different from almost any other type of business. Once you have been trading successfully for as little as six months, you will start to benefit from a substantial increase in your income stream due to the totally unique way that this business works.

This is because many tenancies are for just six months and so you will quickly start to get bookings for the Check-Outs of the Inventory Reports and Check-Ins that you did previously. Better still, many of the properties that you do Check-Outs for will be re-let to new Tenants which will require an update of the original Inventory Report plus a new Check-In of the new Tenant and possibly an Interim Report and eventually another Check-Out Report.

What this means is that you are actually building your Inventory Clerk Business by developing your own database with every Inventory Report you do. Furthermore, you can be virtually certain that the Letting Agent or Landlord that booked you to do the original Inventory Report will contact you again for the Check-Out when the existing Tenant moves out. Plus do not forget the other report stages which we have already mentioned will be repeated again.

You will see from this that unlike nearly every other type of business, with your own Inventory Clerk Business you are not constantly chasing the next sale. Your customers will automatically contact you to make bookings as the Tenancy letting process takes its course for each and every property which you compile an Inventory Report for!


If you have any questions about our course or about starting your own Inventory business, then please contact Stephen or Janette:

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